Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the open seasons?

A good resource for finding the open season for which you want to hunt or fish is the website called Simply select the state in which you wish to hunt or fish and browse by type and category of game. Some states have different seasons and other regulations by location, so be sure you check the current regulations before you go.

How do I set up a new listing?

Now that you have set up a profile and asked to list your access, we have flagged your profile to show listings.  Use the button at the top right portion of the EntryG8 page to start your listing. 

We are happy to set up your listings for you if you can provide us with details about your property.  Should you want to try it yourself, there are several easy steps.

  1. Select the category and sub-category. (Hunting is a popular category.  Other categories are also available for you to earn revenue during non-hunting seasons.)
  2. Select how the access will be offered.  (Do you want to trade with other landowners, make it available for free, ask for a daily trespass fee, or set an annual trespass fee.  Note that the daily trespass fee is the most common so far.)
  3. Photos.  We highly recommend including photos of your property.  We can provide you with representative stock photos should you not have an ability to post any.
  4. You can place a video of your property by embedding the link to a video posted directly on YouTube in the description.  Feel free to upload your video to our YouTube channel if you need a place to put it.  This link should take you there:
  5. Complete the remaining listing details.

We are more than happy to get online with screen sharing to walk you through making listings.  Please contact us at if this is something you’d like to do and we’ll get it scheduled.

Do Guests need to create an EntryG8 profile?

Yes.  However, Guests do not need to enter online payment details if they plan to use a credit card to pay for their access.

How do I book multiple days?

Booking multiple, consecutive days is very easy.  All that you need to do is select the “From” date and then select the “To” date.  These fields are located above the “Pay Trespass Fee” button on the listing page.

To book multiple, non-consecutive days, you will need to select each date and book each trip individually.  If you’ve set your browser to remember your credit card information, you won’t need to re-enter it every time.

When I make a booking, when does my credit card get charged?

The payment is held by our third-party payment system and flagged as “pending.”  The transaction payment is processed and the Host is paid upon any of the following conditions:

  • The transaction is manually marked as completed by the Guest.
  • The transaction is automatically marked as completed after 85 days following the date the booking was made.
  • The transaction is automatically marked as completed two days after the end date of the access (i.e., booked activity). 

The Host has up to 3 days to accept the booking request.  If the Host declines or does not respond, no charge is made.

Do I need to have a Hold Harmless Agreement signed by the Guest?

The answer to this is completely up to you as the Host.  While EntryG8’s Terms of Service already cover what’s expected of Hosts and Guests, we have provided an example Hold Harmless Agreement to help give Hosts additional piece of mind.  Note that this is your agreement, so feel free to download the file, consult with your attorney, and use it as you see fit.  

How do I get signs to mark my property that notifies Guests where to go and to let others know that they can access it through

We have signs for you to post around your property.  If we’ve not yet provided you with signs, please contact us at and we’ll make arrangements to provide you with signs.