Feed your Hoggy Bank.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting someone from the Lone Star State who has a challenge. She must continually repair damage to her property caused by wild hogs.

To help her control her wild hog population, she had sold a hunting lease to a local sportsman. A few weeks ago, the leaseholder arrived unannounced and started blasting away. On one hand, she did not mind the person shooting wild hogs on her place. Her mother-in-law, however, was frightened by the unexpected gunshots outside her back door!

Clearly, something needs to change. The landowner was glad to hear about an alternative solution to traditional door-knocking and hunting leases. EntryG8.com enables her to post online when someone is allowed access to her place, to know when someone will be arriving, to set a price that is greater than what she currently fetches, and to receive trespass fees safely and securely.

When the term of the current hunting lease expires, we hope to see at least a few days’ hog hunt access on EntryG8.com. If you know anyone with a wild hog problem, share this blog and help them turn their hogs into a piggy (er, hoggy) bank.

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