Still Christmas shopping? Here’s what your sportsman wants.

I’m not done Christmas shopping and I suspect that I’m in good company.  Each year, there are a handful of people on my list for whom the perfect present is nearly impossible to find.  These are usually the people who go out and get whatever they want (or “need”) as soon as they feel the impulse.  Okay, my wife has accused me of such behavior, so I should understand these people, right?  After all, I’m one of them!  My brother is, too! 

So, what do you get the people who have everything?  You give them time. (Nah! I’m too busy!)  You give them love. (I already do this!)  You give them memories.  (Hmm…)  

My brother loves to pheasant hunt and, to my knowledge, he’s never duck hunted.  There is bound to be outdoor access listed on that he would enjoy, and yes, I’m quite sure that he hasn’t subscribed to my EntryG8 blog, Facebook, or Twitter feeds yet.  (Hee hee.) 

Happy shopping this holiday season!  If you get stuck, book access for your loved one on


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