Does the sharing economy work for landowners and sportsmen?  Yes!  It’s a win-win!

How many times do you hear about an innovative business and think, “Hey, that’s a pretty good idea!”  We get that kind of feedback at EntryG8 all the time.  

Ever since thinking about how to apply the sharing economy to hunting, fishing, and other outdoor access, we’ve been building our team and getting the web application ready to launch.  After launching, we’d found more and more people who were excited to try it out and to spread the word.

We have continued to be amazed at the positive response we have received, and we appreciate those who continue to let their friends, family, and followers know about

We hear from sportsmen about how much they appreciate having a painless means of requesting private land access.  They no longer have to have an awkward “knock” on a stranger’s door.  Sportsman can submit an online request to someone who is already allowing some amount of access, and they know before they head out that they will have permission to a great piece of ground.  

The landowners who have already posted outdoor access also like EntryG8.  They too have been looking for an easier way to honor the long-standing tradition of allowing public access without compromising control.  By having the ability to set a price and the dates available, the landowner can limit access to only those days when a family member isn’t using the ground.

Think about it.  If you are driving for Uber or Lyft, you aren’t making your ridesharinadobestock_205460457.jpegg available 24/7.  You don’t offer your home for use on Airbnb during the times you need it.  Why would private land access for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation be any different?  At the same time, the sharing economy provides greater flexibility and options for the public and more revenue for landowners, and online reviews help to keep the interactions positive.  That is truly a win-win!

EntryG8 simply takes a decades-old tradition of allowing public access to private land and applies a 21st-century model to fix the few broken parts.  Thank you to everyone who continues to spread the word to landowners and sportsmen alike!  

Now, go access private land listed on, get outside, and enjoy the outdoors!  

The EntryG8 Team

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